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ZZR's available from Caterham Cars!

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  • ZZR's available from Caterham Cars!

    Just noticed that the Avon ZZR's are now available. And I just bought a set of rear CR500's because I wore out the first set!

    I've been waiting for these to come out, but won't need them for a while. I'm hoping they will be close to Kumho or Hoosier DOT R's in grip, and much lighter.

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    my money would be on the KumHoHo crack to still be way stickier. the avon may be lighter, but more durable on the road. Did have a set of A048 or R888 to use as starting basis or just the CR500?
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      I've just had the CR500's that I got with the car, and they are a decent tire but not nearly as good as the Kumho V710's I had on the last car. I did get some discounted Goodyear F1 slicks for Laguna Seca, and those are simply incredible! I think the ZZR's may be available in different compounds, although much of what I've read/heard hasn't been confirmed by Avon yet. I suspect they may be less sticky than the Kumho's, but if they are close I may try a set.