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  • Updates to my Web Site

    I have been adding a bunch of pictures and video to my web site, including my latest weight-adder to the car, a kind of convertible top 8)

    No need to mention that it can be taken off for track days in a minute....

    So, if you get bored in the office :cry: , see here :idea: .


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    That's great. Are you sure you didn't really want a tin-top? I had thought of doing something similiar but using shade cloth to give some relief from the sun. Attaching it to the windshield and then back to the roll bar where it would be held taught by Velcro straps.

    How does your "top" do at freeway speeds? I can't make out how it clamps to the windshield from your photos. You've got to have one of the most optioned out Sevens out there. Thanks for sharing your top.



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      Well, I probably have one of the heaviest Sevens in the world :roll:

      But these little projects are part of the fun for me. And for the track I still can shed most of it in no time.

      For the shade roof I just used some neoprene coated Nylon fabric that I had available. Very tough and does not fray bot any other sturdy fabric would do as well.

      I have not run with it at very high speeds but so far looking good. The front edge of the fabric is glued and pop riveted to an ali U-channel that matches the curved shape of the windscreen frame top but that is wider to slip over the poppers. The latches are bolted to this channel and engage in 2 small catches, which are bolted to the windscreen stanchion (actually using a bolt of the sidescreen hinges).



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        Dr. Gert, That's a great idea :!: Somebody should be making those for 7s. It's perfect for a blat like we took one year ago tomorrow, which, if I need to remind you MAGNUS, is Norwegian Constitution Day. And if you would like to attend the flag raising ceremony tomorrow morning it will be held @ Sefton Place @ 9 AM. The Norwegian Consul will be present. VIVA May 17 :!: And Birkini tops for all 7s :!: 8) Brad


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          Update: I did run with my sun-top on the freeway at maybe 75 mph. No problem. The unsupported side edges flutter a little bit in the wind turbulence but overall rock-solid.

          Nice side effect: The violent wind buffeting (I am normally driving without my sidescreens) is much reduced and no dust-blackened cheek and ear after a long blat.


          P.S.: Happy Constitution Day, but why should a Swede care about a Norwegian holiday :wink: