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Willow Springs yesterday

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  • Willow Springs yesterday

    Ingmar and I at Streets of Willow yesterday. It's so nice to go this time of year before it's hot!
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    your livin the dream, man.... :cool:


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      What's an Ingmar and why haven't we heard from him before?

      Or have we?

      Is he coming to Buttowillow in June?


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        Ingmar has a very nice CMC (?) chassis seven with a Mazda drivetrain that he's been preparing. I don't think he will join us in June, but hopefully will introduce himself soon!


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          Is Ingmar, by any chance, Swedish?

          /Magnus F.


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            Could be! I'll ask him to post here.


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              Hi, Ingmar here, not Swedish but Estonian parents who got out just ahead of the Communst invasion beginning of WW2, Sweden, W. Canada then USA.
              I checked my own posts and in 2007 I visited the NASA event with my 2 sons and admired the cars and kept dreaming until bought car fall of 2009.
              The car was originally the Grass Roots Magazine 2 day build car and then sold to a gentleman in Sacramento who now works for Westfield. He redid the car and updated it but kept a stock 1.6 Miata motor. He dissassembled it some time ago and was going to be updating it again but ended up not completing. I re installed motor and such and shortened the stock miata electric to only what was needed.
              Justin was very impressive on the track my only complaint is he is both too smooth and too quiet as we could not hear or see his down shifts. He is also a pleasure to visit with trackside.

              Thank you for the forum and the posts and it helped greatly getting my car street legal this year.
              Sorry can't join you in June, a long delayed herniated back surgery scheduled June 4th. Trying to go again this month.


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                I remember you now, great to have you out there with us.

                Join us when you can.