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  • Dream Machines show

    I went to the Dream Machines show today at the Half Moon Bay Airport in El Granada, CA. There were hundreds of cars on display, historic aircraft rides, helicopter rides, a real live steam roller, a DC-3 fly-by, a steam launch, a bicyncle powered by a Maytag washing machine engine, a bicycle powered by a small jet engine, fire apparatus, motorcycle stunt riders, a couple of dragsters, one very old school where the driver sits with the differential in his crotch, a Bonneville 'cigar car', music, overpriced food, wind and not a Seven in sight anywhere. In fact the only Lotus I saw was a Exige in the spectator parking area. I know, I should have taken my Caterham but the traffic jams there are legendary and I'm still a little wary of overheating in traffic. Rode up and back in a '36 DeSoto instead.

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    Sounds like a fun event! Unfortunately a bit far.

    Any pictures?


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      I didn't take any pictures but there are a lot on Flickr already: