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Way OT: Coolest vacation I've ever had

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  • Way OT: Coolest vacation I've ever had

    The missus and I went to Chichi-jima, an island 1,000 km due South from Tokyo, in the Ogasawaras (Bonin Islands) in October 2002. There's no airport there (there's one on relatively nearby Iwo-jima, but it's military only), and the boat ride there takes 25-1/2 hours one way if the sea is calm, now that they have the fast boat (!). The island is zoned as part of Tokyo (!!), and so has most of the modern conveniences and infrastructure. The original settlers were Americans, Europeans, and Hawaiians. George Bush was shot down there in 1944. All-in-all, it had an interesting history, pleasant weather, stunning scenery, no crowds, friendly locals, a unique natural environment (once referred to as "the Galapagos of the East"), great food, and beer-dispensing vending machines (!!!). I don't know what your version of heaven is, but...

    Anyway, I uploaded some pictures from there last night, and thought I'd offer to share them.
    - Sean