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I cut down my windscreen.

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  • I cut down my windscreen.

    Yesterday I had Karl's glass in Lemon Grove cut my stock Birkin windscreen down to 8" tall w/ rounded top corner edges & beveled it as well. They charged $40. I cut the thin posts 1/4 inch above the top of the side-support brackets.
    I'm 5'10" & the top edge of the glass is 2" above my line of sight. I'm running w/ no top frame on the glass.
    At around 60 mph the wind is much reduced over the brooklands screen I was using previously.
    Astheticly, the car is MUCH improved. That dorky (no offense!) full-framed Jeep-window look is gone. The top edge is almost invisible & the car finally looks RIGHT. Of course none of my foul-weather stuff is going to work w/ this setup. Check out some of Dick Brink's inventory to see samples of the cut windscreen on cars. BTW, His cuts are more radical than mine, His are 6 inches --They look even cooler but might be less effective. Rock on my brothers!

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    How about a photo or two?
    Rod Swanson


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      Photo or two, Rod.

      Rod, I'm really lame w/ the Post A pic on the computer thing. Maybe I should consult my 7 year old for tips. But if you call me at (619)840-4142 I will send you a photo from my cell phone. ---------Perry.


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        Perry - I was thinking of getting a spare windshield and doing the same thing!

        Rod - Here's a photo from Dick Brink's site.
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          Hey Budlite,

          The glass shop said if my glass broke during their attempt to cut it that they could fabricate a replacement. I don't think you really need a "spare". Just cut yours & if you (or a buyer) wants a full-size screen later, just have one made at that time. --- Good luck!