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  • My New Caterham

    I would like to announce that I've completed registration of my BRG w/ yellow nose, flared fendered, five speed, Duratec 2.3L, DeDion Roadsport!

    Now all that is needed is to spot check for leaks etc. and finish some interior work.

    I'm ready to group blat.

    Thanks for all your help here at California Caterham Club.

    Scott E

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    We have the same color scheme (see the gallery page). Where did you buy your car? What kind of goodies did you put on your engine?

    /Magnus F.


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      Congratulations and welcome to group :!: Sounds like you built a serious 7. Do tell us more about the specs, please. Hope to see you on the road (or track) soon :!: 8) Brad


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        I'll have to take all the credit here. After all, w/out my 41mm socket it'd still be in the garage...

        Just kidding, Scott. Congrats on the completion. I hope you went to George's in Glendale for the brake n light as those salty ol fellers were very good to me when it was my turn.

        We'll have to do some blatting soon as you get back.
        A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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          How bout some pics of the newborn? :wink:

          Tom "ELV15" Jones


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            O.K., when and where?

            Hi Scott, congratulations!!! Looking at your zip code you should be located in the Highland Park area? That means pretty close to Pasadena where I am and of course close to Chris who never shows his new car to other people :roll:

            As I mentioned on another thread it does not take much to talk me into a Sunday or Saturday morning mountain blat. Thinking about it, no plans for next weekend....




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              My New Caterham

              I purchased the kit from Auotcourse after trading in my '93 X-Flow DeDion that many of you may have seen in Will's collection. The engine is stock as found in the Ford Ranger. ECU is an MBE. SBD induction. Pretty basic really. I'm not a performance junky so the car will be tuned for daily driving and good fuel economy.

              Scott E


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                Scot, Would you be interested to join us for some fun @ Buttonwillow around the end of the month :?:


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                  Scott E:
                  Echoing Tom here, do you have any photos yet? I'm sure we'd all love to see them.
                  I'm not a performance junky...
                  This made me chuckle (or chortle; I'm not sure). It is a Duratec 2.3L, after all.


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                    It must have been a chortle: I forgot to log in.
                    - Sean


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                      My New Caterham

                      Well... It seems that many of us are travelling for work quite a bit. I will be in Philly until early July. So for now the car sits in the garage. I just hope all the oil doesn't leak from the one last spot that I have not addressed yet. It's where the Raceline pan meets the bell housing.

                      I could really use a good mapping. Anyone out there, not using an O2 sensor, found a method other than on a Dyno?

                      No Sevens spotted in Philly.... yet.

                      Scot E.


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                        There are a few wideband O2 units that are quite reasonable. Check out these:

               (kits even, if you are a doit yourselfer)

                        Tuning on a dyno is pretty expensive and I'd be very picky when picking a tuner to work on my car. The last thing I want is a huge tuning bill and a poor running engine! Also with a wideband unit you can monitor the car all the time. This should give you a bit of "peace of mind" about how the engine is running.

                        FWIW, the folks at SBD are working on a "closed loop" system that will use an o2 sensor and learn/self correct on the fly. However, I'm not sure when/if this is going to be available.


                        Tom "ELV15" Jones


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                          Scot, About 6 months ago a guy from the east coast who owns a 7 dropped in whilst attending a biz meeting in SD. I think he is from the Philly area and I know that his name is Tom Gaval. He also posts on the se7ens site. He's been to the UK and met many of the familiar BC posters. A very avid 7er. If I can find his phone # I'll send it along as a private Email tomorrow. Hoping to see you in your car one day soon :!: 8) Brad