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    Anybody think this would be good in a seven?

    What tranny would you use?

    All of the hayabusa sevens I have seen have the engine leaned over to the left...not a problem on a RHD car, but for us here in the USA it puts the weight all on one side as well as interfering with the pedal box. I wonder if this kit could help move the engine to a more traditional location?
    Tom "ELV15" Jones

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    Would be very good in a Seven, IMHO. Regarding the gearbox, the "Pricing" page had the following listed as one of the options:
    "Special small diameter bellhousing to mate the H2 to a Ford Sierra type 9 gearbox. The small diameter allows the engine and gearbox to be lowered significantly as the lowest part is about 116mm from the crank centerline... $625"

    Regarding the offset to the left in a typical Hayabusa installation, it appears that would not apply here, because the Suzuki gearbox is not used here. There is a pdf drawing on the "H2 Specs" page that depicts the flywheel at the end of the crankshaft.

    | | Sean


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      It's cool that it can bolt up to a std transmission, however I thought one of the nice things about using a bike engine is that they come with a sequential transmission.

      I also wonder about the weight difference with this hartley kit + t9 transmission vs a std engine + t9.
      Tom "ELV15" Jones