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New model Caterham and race pedals

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  • New model Caterham and race pedals

    Sure has been quiet here the past week so I thought you would all like to see this new Caterham.

    Also, I was looking for information about Caterham's "race pedals" to find out what they were and how they differed from the standard pedals. After looking at Rich Hairston's R500 with the race pedals I couldn't really tell what differences there were. I was wondering if I should spec them on my Superlight so emailed the factory. Here is Jez Coates' reply for those of you who might wonder about the pedals.

    Hi Steve,

    High ratio pedals are not standard with the uprated master cylinder and infact unavailable for LHD cars.
    Don't feel hard done by though because they are only really designed for use on full race cars where the rush of adrenaline means you are happy to have a very high pedal effort to reduce pedal travel.

    On the road high ratio pedals require so much effort that they feel like pressing a brick and consequented make delicate brake modulation difficult.

    Your race master cylinder does the same thing (increases effort and reduces travel) but it is as far as you would want to go down this road for a dual purpose (road and track) car.

    Hope this helps and enjoy!

    Jez Coates


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    The page says that it is a handbuilt electric car. They will only build 100 of them.

    Japan has got some wacky cars, for sure. My brother-in-law had a Mitsuoka Zero-1 7 replica (bought at the showroom; not a kit). When on vacation on the island of Chichi-jima 18 months ago, we met a lady with a Mitsuoka Microcar (on the same page linked above), which has a 50cc gas engine and is street legal in Japan. Here's a photo of me standing next to it (I'm 5'-7").
    - Sean


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      Originally posted by Sean-og
      The page says that it is a handbuilt electric car.
      But I bet one could put a motorcycle engine in it and get some real performance...

      Sean, I can't see your photo. I get a message when I click on your link-
      "An error has occurred.
      You do not appear to be the owner of this album.
      Make sure you are logged in."

      Speaking of microcars, take a look at this microcar museum site here in the US-

      The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum is the largest collection of Microcars in the World, the collection can be viewed on-line or in Madison Georgia, USA.



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        Sorry, new Webshots user (don't fully know what I'm doing).
        Try this:

        I like that Microcar museum. Too bad it's so far from here...
        - Sean