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  • For the new fathers

    After reading an article somewhere, I took a chance and picked up a "balance bike" (also called a learner bike) for my 3-1/2 year old son this summer, and it worked out well. The theory is that on one of these, kids learn the balance and steering part of bicycling first, and pedaling later, which is opposite to the more traditional training wheels approach. It works well. He picked it up quickly and enjoys it immensely.

    I highly recommend one - only wish I would have gotten him one sooner. I have no doubts that his transition to a typical pedal bike will be an effortless one.

    Brian haulin' ass on his Puky (German-made balance bike - great name!):

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    The genesis of the idea was you driving your 'balance 7' in the garage?:D

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      Great shot and a great idea. It must be much less frustrating than learning on a regular bike!

      How about the next trainer for Brian? :D :D :D
      Tom "ELV15" Jones