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Birkin areo mod attempt.

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  • Birkin areo mod attempt.

    I really dug the areodynamic improvement of removing my windscreen & going w/ a Brooklands. So I upped the ante by ordering a pair of those carbon fiber "winglets" you see on the nose of new Caterhams. Doh! Mistake! There is not enough flatness at the right spot to mount them on a Birk. I'll sell 'em for $100/pair. They cost $139 & are beautiful. See them in the For Sale section. They need 8" of flat area in the right spot.

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    Can't you modify the base of the winglet to follow the Birkin nose contour?


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      I may be getting into hot water here.....but just looking at it with an engineer's eye and some inborn skepticism: Why would that have more effect than my mustache?

      I mean aerodynamic aids with some effect typically are of substantial size. These little whiskers may cause some local turbulence but that probably gets lost in the overall turbulence of the rather huge suspension/wheel assembly.

      But maybe there is more to it than meets the eye?


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        Answers. Sorta.

        1. The base cannot be modified easily as it's an "L" cross section piece. You cannot curve the base without notching the verticle portion. I woulda if I coulda!

        2. Allegedly Caterham developed these in a wind tunnel. Also they do not appear to be a car maker who is big on "fluff" --- I just can't see a company who had to make a lighter version of a 1200 lb car adding any extranious crap if it was not functional. That's why I made the $139 wager. But then again, I am no Mensa member! I know squat. But I do know that slight areo changes can make a big difference. Just taping your headlights at Bonneville will put you in another class. I guess w/ a Seven, ANY areo help at all is welcome. PS, A member in Santa Cruz is sending me a check for them.


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          I read a report from some wind tunnel testing that CC did. The CSR wings and the winglets do reduce lift at the front enough to (maybe) reduce understeer in high speed corners. Jon installed both this year and has been faster everywhere, although in fairness this wasn't the only change he made. He does say that the front end feels better, a little more planted.

          The report concluded that essentially the cars are bricks and there's just not a whole hell of a lot that can be done. The inboard front suspension cleans up some drag, the 1/2 doors, a tonneau cover and a 1/2 car width wind deflector do the same. All of these help only top speed and just a little. Putting a full cage on negates all of that; only putting a lid on the cars made a big difference. Don't even think of getting one of the rear diffusers - they do nothing and are weight neutral. The weight they add is compensated for by an emptying of the wallet.
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