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Is this the death of the roadster in California?

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  • Is this the death of the roadster in California?

    Automakers association protests California 'cool cars' proposal

    An association representing the biggest foreign automakers wants California to drop its "cool cars" proposal to require vehicles sold there, starting in the 2012 model year, to limit solar energy entering vehicles, The Detroit News reports. If California persists, the automakers say, they'd have to build vehicles just for Golden State buyers. The "cool car" regulation takes effect in 2012 and requires new vehicles weighing 10,000 pounds or less to prevent 45 percent of the energy from the sun from entering a vehicle by 2014, and 60 percent by 2016. The idea is to reduce the use of air conditioning, which burns more gasoline and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. In a letter released Monday, the Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the trade association whose members include Toyota Motor Corp ., Honda Motor Co., Nissan Motor Corp., Hyundai Motor Corp. and other foreign automakers, asked the California Air Resources Board to reconsider its plans.

    I understand window tinting is illegal in CA; it's hard to understand how this this reduction could be accomplished in a tin top without substantial weight and cost penalties. In the case of a convertible...?
    Maybe since our cars don't have A/C, they would be exempt!
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    I think the law may be a bit of overkill too... new cars actually get better mileage with the windows up and the A/C on than having the windows down. With new A/C systems, I can't see that much savings unless they go to dual pane windows or something exotic like that.

    I've seen the solar panels in the roof that circulate fresh air thru the car while parked... that doesn't seem too much to ask. Have you noticed that most new convertibles are 2 piece hard tops? They could put panels on those too.