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It seems that there is no more supercar sunday

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  • It seems that there is no more supercar sunday

    Apparently the landlord has been threatening to shut it down for a while now. This happened this morning. (Taken from Ferrarichat)

    Originally posted by srslusso
    The popular gathering of Southern California Car Enthusiasts at VCR (Valley Circle and the 101) was shut down by the Landlord Backed by the LAPD this morning. When I arrived shortly after 8 am and drove my Ferrari on the lot I saw 4-6 LAPD Black and Whites and 2 tow trucks near a small crowd of Cars and Enthusiasts watched over by 12 Police officers and various private security people and a process server hired by management.
    Upon parking next to a Testarossa I was ordered to leave immediately, that I was trespassing upon the property,taking part in an illegal car show.etc. etc. I stated that I was there as I was nearly every Sunday to buy coffee from VCR, have breakfast at Label's Table, possibly shop at the CVS Drug Store. I was then told I was being served with a summons by the process server who dropped it on my window sill and when it fell he picked it up and shoved it in my car. He then told me to leave and said I might be towed away.
    I went and spoke to the Los Angeles Police Dept officers who said they were present to prevent the Process server from being attacked and to take care of any problems if there were any citizens arrests made, cars towed etc. I suggested this was not an efficient use of Police manpower and they agreed. The Sargeant in charge asked to speak to all of us as a group, which he did saying they were there to keep the peace basicly this is a civil matter to be settled in court. The landlord does not want the car show there, under any circumstances because of complaints from tenents Von's and others re: the difficulties customers have getting in the lot or finding parking spaces on Sunday . The landlord is also aware of possible liability issues if anyone was injured on the lot.
    The police stated the landlord or his agents could have our cars towed away and perform citizens arrests upon persons for loitering. This would become a civil matter between the parties. They have applied for an injunction that is why we were served as John Does, the hearing to come initially on New Years Eve.
    In my opinion it's all over ! We have to find a new location with a sympathetic owner. I think a restaurant with a large lot or an auto related business would be ideal. The Auto Gallery is about 90 days away from its new location for their Lambourghini dealership on Topanga Canyon someplace near the Neiman Marcus store maybe that would be good place.
    Photos of this morning can be found at
    Originally posted by LateralGPhotography
    Here is the video of the cop's speech:

    The funny thing is my wife goes " What is that car a Morgan ? " and I said "No that's a Caterham but there is a Morgan driving it " -delise

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    That is amazingly lame. Why would a business complain about an event that draws people to their location? It's free advertising!

    Why turn them would be better to "extend and embrace", make the event official and use it as a way to increase the visibility of their shops.

    Seems penny wise and pound foolish to me.
    Tom "ELV15" Jones


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      Well it's not just one store, it's a strip mall. The event has become quite large with hundreds of cars and perhaps a thousand or so people showing up and it takes up most of the parking lot. It has gotten a bit out of hand too with people doing burnouts and young people in "car clubs" showing up in large groups, leaving trash behind, etc. In reality, only two stores really benefit from it, the coffee shop that instigated the event and a breakfast restaurant. The major renter, a Vons supermarket is the one complaining the loudest since the show actually disrupts their business and a lot of their customers can't find parking because of it. Apparently a few other stores have been complaining too.
      A lot of people make the argument that the show brings in business, but beyond buying coffee and maybe breakfast at the two stores, I just don't see people shopping there. Many people come from fairly far away, so they come to show/see the cars and then leave, not shop for their home goods.

      It sucks though, as it was a fun thing to do and it was close to great canyon roads, so hopefully they can find another venue close by

      The funny thing is my wife goes " What is that car a Morgan ? " and I said "No that's a Caterham but there is a Morgan driving it " -delise


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        Oh, great... Just as I'm working on getting my own 7, too.