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WSIR April 17 & 18

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  • WSIR April 17 & 18

    True to my endless rants and raves the weekend @ the Streets was just great; in spite of the crappy weather on saturday. Eight cars appeared and a few additonal owners, with cars unable to attend due to other commitments, also couldn't bear to miss the event. Cars in attendance included Clark, Michael M., Dr. Gert, our esteemed--if slow--webmaster Magnus, myself and William with three cars from his collection. Jon drove one of William's hot machines as his ride was not quite ready. Michael B. and Chris C. came along without their cars and are likely to bring them along next trip (Buttonwillow?). Tim and Chris did excellent pit work and a bit of timing which necessitated learning to time cars on a sundial for Magnus' fine efforts. Gerrit and Nacho lent moral support and reminded us that another generation will eventually replace us as car loons!

    A special vote of thanks to William and Virginia for providing shelter, warmth, tools, storage, personal assistance, cars, water in the desert, vino and even catering lunch for the lads. All things considered an above and beyond effort.

    Michael B. also provided driving instruction which made me much faster and also helped setup both ends of my car. I know that he also helped several other participants on both days. He also had a lot of fun for a guy whose car was unable to attend. Muchas Gracias Miguel!!

    The Los Angeles Shelby American Automobile Club should also be lauded for putting on a safe, fun event with all the track time you can eat! Thanks Mario and guys!!!

    The course is much improved compared to six months ago with wider tarmac and the really rough spots gone. It's a great pleasure to drive the track at faster speeds as you learn your way around. The dicing with the three 7s in my run group was perhaps the highlight. Racing around the track with three 7s in front of you has to be experienced by a 7 owner to get the full effect. Don't trust me that it's wonderful, if you don't own a 7 then get one and find out (or at least rent one). Although I must admit that Magnus' car looked best in my rearview mirror! Clark and I also had a really fun dice during the second afternoon session on saturday. The old competitive juices do reignite when you're out there. For those who were there: Can you imagine how much fun this will be when we have ten 7s on the track together :?: WOW

    Everyone got along great and helped each other throughout the weekend. The camaraderie thing is alive and well! Like when my trailer took an alternate route: within a couple of minutes 5 seven owners were there to help get me back on the road. Thanks to all of you for rescuing me in that ugly moment :!:

    For those who did not make it: Come next time because you weren't having as much FUN as we did :!: 8) :lol:

    Francis: Time to get yourself a 7 :!:

    Tim: We're hoping to see a BEC beauty from you one day!

    Comments, anyone :?:

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    As for Brad's ugly hints that he was faster than me:

    My best time of day: 16.89.

    Brad's best time of day: Slower by 0.1 seconds, according to his own account.

    I believe Jon was the fastest with 12.something.

    Also, in case Brad still lives in the fantasy that his car is faster than mine: As I got down from the mountains to sea-level, my engine started to pull much better, making me realize that I forgot to set up a leaner condition compensation for higher altitude. Yes, even a supercharger needs this since it feeds an RPM-linear amount of air into the engine. Thinner air means less oxygen.

    To conclude: My penis is at least an inch longer than Brad's.

    /Magnus F.


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      In your dreams.......


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        Prop Shaft Length

        O.K., I will bring a micrometer for the next track day. Full scale range is just 2" but thay might suffice for both of you :mrgreen: :mrgreen:



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          Well, him anyway........


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            Had a great time!

            Well guys, I would just like to say that I had a great time! It was a pleasure meeting you all! It's rare to meet a group of people that are so helpful, friendly, and open to "newbies." As an ex-Porsche owner, you can only imagine the type of BS you have to deal with in the Porsche owners club. Have you ever tried to run a trackday with those guys? Sheesh... :roll:

            Being in a Seven around a proper track was definitely an eye opening experience (thanks Mike!) and further affirms the fact that the Seven is the performance car I'm looking for.

            Oh and Brad, I must say that your car is simply stunning in person...I love that "pissed off bumblebee" look... :D

            Next step for me is to rent one at the next trackday. Did I read something about Buttonwillow?

            Thanks again guys!



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              Francis: Seven owners are basically on the "lunatic fringe" of performance car guys in the sports car world. The primal 7 is about as close as you can get to driving a formula car and being street legal while maintaining an almost totally impractical profile! It's not a car where you can head down to the show room and buy it off the floor. Nor is it like getting your Ford Focus zetec serviced by wheeling into the dealership. The main resource that we have when the cars break is each other for advice, parts or a helping hand. The nature of this loosely cooperative interdependency among kindred automotive spirits results in a bunch of guys who most likely never would have met becoming friends over this addictive passion that we share. As we learn to drive the cars better, fix the cars and dice with each other on the track the bonds get stronger. Next time out we'll have more fun; and as more cars appear the CA 7 monster will grow. As a suggestion: start reading and see what the Brits say about their club---or ask them how they feel about the 7 experience and their club. The passion contained in their answers may further convince you that these cars and owners ain't like the other clubs. Join the fun when you are ready :!: 8) Beware of one thing: UPGRADEITIS---a deadly expensive disease. Please feel free to contact any of us with questions.


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                BTW: I've started the process of fitting my new 65mm throttlebody. A bit of fiddling needs to be done to hook up the throttle wire, but it should be up and running by the weekend. I'll post a report...

                /Magnus F.


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                  The world's first supercharged SV; a fine example of UPGRADEITIS, brought to us by our esteemed webmaster Mr. Feuer.

                  I've also contracted this insidious malady and the evidence will likely start to appear under my 7. :idea: 8)

                  Same disease, different manifestation :!:


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                    My two cents' worth -

                    What a blast. The Shelby Club knows how to turn on a good weekend. Minimal rules, mostly ignored. (55mph for passenger sessions? Yeah right...)

                    At first I did not enjoy the Streets of Willow circuit, preferring the faster main track. After a couple of sessions I worked out the line (more or less) and enjoyed piling on the juice.

                    Big thanks to William and Virginia for their hospitality, and Clark and Michael de Malibu for their driving tips.

                    Here are some parting thoughts.
                    1. Be sure to remove sharp, heavy objects from your trunk. Or find a good panel beater.
                    2. Hire an expert to hitch your trailer.
                    3. How do you tell the difference between a tank and a Mustang? The Mustang is the one blocking the racing line.
                    4. Never, ever, participate in a penis measuring competition. It has nothing to do with cars.