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%*&! citation for lack of front license plate

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  • %*&! citation for lack of front license plate

    While my car was at the shop. the mechanic was pulled over and given a citation for lack of a front license plate. Wish I was there, so I could have had a chance to talk with the officer about it. But now I've got a citation to traffic court, requiring that I affix a front license plate.

    I don't even have a plate, since I bought the car with the current plate and the previous owner didn't give me the second plate. I suppose now I'll have to get new plates. And figure out how to mount the front one.

    While driving around today, I counted numerous cars driving around without front plates. I wonder if my car, or the way it was being driven, just attracted the wrong attention. I've seen many police officers who took a long look at my car while out driving, and this is the first time my car was stopped.

    Grrrrr :mad:


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    I have 4 cars without front plates and have never been pulled over for that. Cops don't have time to stop everyone that doesn't have a front license plate (though I got stopped 3 times out of state in my expediton without a front plate)... Your mechanic probably got out of a ticket for doing something else as cops use the absence of a front license plate to stop cars they want to check out for various reasons.

    Most of the time, we accept a "fix-it" ticket in favor of a moving violation as it doesn't affect insurance. It's weird that the cop would give that to a person who doesn't own the car.

    If you had a license plate you could just wire it to the grill for inspection and take it off back at home.... it's going to be a hassle getting new plates, bummer
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      I got such ticket for the Seven while parked issued by the City of Palo Alto. But they left me the option of fixing it with CHP proof and paying something like $15 administrative fee or paying $70 fine and be done with it (what does that tell me about the rule of law?). I did strap it on with cable ties for the CHP, though.


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        You're right, it's not so big a deal. I found the other plate, and I'll just put it on the grill to have it inspected.

        Here's the new dyno after tuning. They ended up with cam timing of 3 degrees advanced intake, 3 degrees delayed exhaust, A/F ratio of around 13, and advanced the timing a little. Before tuning HP was 137, after was 155. The original dyno from a year and a half ago was 162 HP 139 TQ, but that was during the winter when it was much cooler. And their dyno has been recalibrated. So it's probably close to the original power now. They said it still appears healthy!

        The specs on the engine are:

        Zetec ZX1 with hydraulic lifters
        Kent FZ2002 cams
        Oversized valves, reworked heads
        Stock compression
        Jenvey throttle bodies
        Emerald ECU
        Forged pistons and rods, ARP head bolts and main studs

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          Interesting...maybe you should get the head shaved a bit? I think I have 50/1000 taken off to get to 10.5:1

          Was that a roller dyno or a chassis type? Let me know and I will include you data in the comparison chart that I did last year.



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            It's a chassis dyno, although I must admit I don't know the difference between the two! Don't most chassis dynos have a roller, unless it drives off the hub?



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              I guess you are right and both types qualify as chassis dynos. What I meant was if it is a roller type which does incur wheel friction loss or one that couples the hub directly. I suppose it makes some difference. Obviously the environment and dyno cal can also create apples and oranges.

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                Went to the Police Station today to get the car checked. My citation was for lack of front license plate, and a brake light out. The Officer asked me who was driving the car when it was cited, and I told him it was my mechanic. He commented that it was sort of humorous that the mechanic didn't just say he would fix the brake light. I imagine the citation I received might have had something to do with the way it was being driven at the time.

                I parked between two cars without front license plates just for fun. The Police Officer was very nice about signing off on the citation. I was chuckling as I drove off. Despite having to pay a fine, I left with the impression that we have some great folks in the San Diego Police Department!



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                  car for sdcat

                  you were looking for more power;)


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                    "This is most probably the quickest Caterham in the country."

                    Maybe in a straight line, maybe not round a track. The 390 rear end will insure plenty of acceleration but limit the top end. And the Vauxhall is pretty heavy.

                    Jon's specs out about the same power-wise but he's got way better suspension and (most likely) less weight.

                    It'd sure be fun to find out!
                    A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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                      Looks like it's sold already. Probably a good thing for me, because this car is very tempting. If I'm patient, maybe in a year or two there will be some used cars that pop up with cosworth duratecs!