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Temp Sensor problem finally solved

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  • Temp Sensor problem finally solved

    When I had my Zetec engine rebuilt, the shop couldn't figure out how to get the temperature gauge to work. They put together a new wiring harness for the new ECU. They replaced the sensors, checked the wiring, etc.

    I've replaced the gauge, fiddled with it myself quite a lot, and another shop thought they had it figured out, but it never worked.

    Leave it to my visiting 19 year old nephew fresh out of automotive school to figure it out. The gauge sensor is in a plastic housing, and therefore the barrel isn't grounded. We grounded the barrel, and now it works! Of course, I'll have to do it up nicely later, but for the moment a wire is hoseclamped to the barrel and grounded. I'm disappointed in the shops I've had it to that they couldn't sort it out, but thrilled that my nephew was able to!

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