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New Seven; going for lightness

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  • New Seven; going for lightness

    I recently got my Seven Superlight on the road but there are still some small items to finish up. One thing I was not happy with is the rubber floormats that came with the car. Being overly flexible they kept sliding forward and bunching up. So I made new mats today from some scrap rubber flooring I had. To my amazement, though the mats are twice the thickness of the Caterham mats, they weigh less than half and stay put. I cut them slightly larger for a better fit. If I keep whittling away at the car's weight I'll eventually get my iron Zetec car down to your Duratec weights. I just saved over 2 lbs. from the new mats alone. Let's see...where can I lose more weight? Actually, I am happy with the car just as it is. The new mats just seemed like a good thing to do. I still have to do my CHP, BAR and brake and lamp station checks.

    Photos of my 2004 Zetec SVT Superlight-
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    Now if you were really serious, you would have just gotten rid of the mats completely :D

    The funny thing is my wife goes " What is that car a Morgan ? " and I said "No that's a Caterham but there is a Morgan driving it " -delise