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  • California Registration

    I got this from another forum I am a member of and thought this would be of interest to you all.

    California Registration

    Senate Bill 232 proposed by Benoit would remove the 500 car annual limitation for specialty constructed vehicles in California. I would think that all of us in CA would want to see this happen and should show our support by contacting Benoit and the legislators for our districts. We really need to push to see this gets passed. It would be great if all of us in CA would contact other forums and car clubs to spread the word.

    I subscribe to "Defender" which keeps the hobbyist informed of all the upcoming car regulations. There are some other items that are of interest. SB 811 - if you try and bring in a previously licensed specialty vehicle it will have to meet the pollution regs based on the year it was built. SB 859 - throws out the 15 year limit for smog inspections and goes back to the 1974 model year.

    The Defender is a great way to keep informed, anyone interested in the auto hobby should subscribe.

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    Darn, just when I thought my smog exemption was going to become more valuable.... just kidding, that's great news.


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      That also opens up the market for Caterham in California again!

      /Magnus F.


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        Someone has to organize all the interested online forums/clubs and manufacturers (Caterham, Factory 5, Superformance, etc.) so that when the time is right (e.g., a bill is being debated in a committee), there will be organized, coordinated campaign to call/fax/email committee members when the time is right. With the internet, this should be easy to do. The forums can use the email addresses of members to send out alert/action item emails in addition to posting alert/action item threads.

        Note well: when they are in the committee they are acting on behalf of the entire chamber (i.e., either Assembly or Senate) and thus must listen to input from voters outside of their districts. Explain that to their aides when you call because the aides automatically try to get rid of you once they find out you are not from the member's district.

        SEMA Action Network is another ally:

        This is probably the single most important thing we can do to increase the demand for Sevens in CA, and that will encourage Caterham to reopen dealerships and that will encourage mechanics/builders/repair shops to expand into servicing Sevens.
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          Erm, this was done earlier this month, here
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            Mea culpa! John posted on the subject first - by five months. :o
            I am the one who should have searched more thoroughly before posting.
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              Great! I'm glad to see someone already doing this. Sorry about missing that thread.

              The weakness in that SEMA webpage is that it only lists bills as being introduced and active -- no mention of whether they've been assigned to committees, if so, what committees, who are the members of those committees and their contact info, when are votes expected and thus when should we call/fax/etc our support/opposition, etc.

              But that SEMA page is a great start.