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    I guess I'm the newest member., and probably the farthest from the SoCal area. I'm in a small town Northeast of Redding. I owned a '62 series 2 7 in the seventies while living in Fresno which had a BMC 1275 engine. Paid $2300 for it, did a lot of cosmetic work on it and (foolishly) traded it straight accross for a '67 Sunbeam Tiger II.
    My current car is Caterham DeDion with a Duratec 2.0 engine and 5 speed trans. I've got my number under SB 100, but havent finished it yet .
    It has no modifications except the MBE ECU, SBD injection, and a header.
    I'm a budding amatuer machinist, and am having a great time making small parts and pieces for the car. I've submitted one picture of the car for the gallery which shows my crankcase ven canniser, fuel vapor filter, oilfiller car, and lots of small brackets for hoses and clamps.
    I taught illustration and design an Fresno State for 27 years, am now retired. So I've got lots of time for my toys and hobbies (mostly fly fishing).
    I'm really looking forward to getting the car done and getting it on the road.

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    I'm a budding amatuer machinist, and am having a great time making small parts and pieces for the car.
    The Genie can see a custom dry-sump tank in the future...
    A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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      After a lengthy search with a magnifying glass (another concession to old age) I have located Fall River MIlls. I'm guessing that 7s are seen about as often as Sasquatch in your neck of the woods. And I suspect that the countryside is covered with long empty roads which are perfect for a 7. Welcome aboard, kinsman :!: 8)


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        There aren't any other 7's within at least 70 miles. Not much in the way of exotics at all The local prefered ride is a 4X4 pickup. I have one of those too, along with a Subaru WRX. Needlesss to say it snows here.
        Dont think I'll attempt a dry sump tank for a while, but still doing a bunch of little things. Building a new dipstick handle for Tom. He has a Duratec also. That, along with a couple of block off plates for the EGR pickup on top of the cam cover, will keep me busy for a while. Just had back surgery so I'm mostly thinking about projects rather that doing them for a while.
        Thanks for the responses to my first posting.