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My weekly session with Mopho's car.

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  • My weekly session with Mopho's car.

    Mopho's brand new fuel pulmp started to make weird noises after two weeks, so we figured it was time for a new filter, which is conveniently located just before the pump under the propshaft (lowest part of the car).

    After draining the tank we jacked up the car and got the filter out, which turned out to be a somewhat questionable strainer. I have no idea why it was there, but it looked very professional, in a useless kind of way which shall be clear soon enough.

    At this point the question was were was the fuel filter, if at all installed? We removed the filler cap and its mounting plate from the top of the fuel cell, which revealed a lot of well packed foam (to stop the fuel from sloshing around). As I put my arm into the gas soaked innards of the cell and felt around, I realized that this was pretty much the daily experience of a veterinarian, minus the hydro carbon saturation. At the bottom of the tank I felt the fuel filter together with a pickup assembly.

    Roll bar off. Tank out.

    We took the tank down to our trusted Earl's dealer, AN plumbing, and asked the dude (which is the only denominator that does the shopkeeper justice) of what to do. He felt the foam inside the tank and said "deteriorating". We walked away with a new filter, some AN fittings and a box full of fresh foam.

    While Morgan got all stabby with the box cutter on the foam to shape it after the tank, I removed the old foam and got the old filter out. Clogged it was; I could barely blow through it. Toss.

    I then installed the pickup hose in the tank, now reinforced with some alu tubing to avoid it collapsing when the pump sucks.

    I got under the car and identified mysterious object #2 mounted just downstream of the pump as a schrader valve that keeps the pump primed by not letting air flow backward from the injectors toward the tank. Quite uncessecary, I believe, since the pump is the lowest part of the fuel system. It remained in place since I was getting tired of driving back and forth to AN plumbing to buy more fittings and adapters.

    The strainer, mounted upstream of the pump, filled no purpose whatsoever since the fuel filter was stopping anything loose before it hit the pump anyway. Toss.

    I then installed the new cleanable and sexy fuel filter where the strainer was mounted. The only risk with this setup is that if the fuel pump decide to seize up and spew metal parts, they will end up in the injectors or the engine. Let's hope that it will be the injectors.

    Meanwhile, Mopho was done carving new foam pieces and fitted them into the tank.
    Tank in. Roll bar on. Reattach everything. Ignition on with me under the car together with an extinguisher. No leaks. Started the car (with me under), and it ran fine for a minute or so, at which point I declared us done.

    The day after we ripped through the Malibu mountains with a happy Morgan in his equally happy Seven. Problems solved. For now.

    /Magnus F.

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    I'm not sure I understand the reason for the Schrader valve. I had one on my car to relieve or test fuel pressure to the injectors. Some systems retain pressure after shutdown. This helps with quicker startups.

    Good to hear it's working and we should do a blat soon.



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      Ha, you beat me to posting a report.

      Thanks again for the help.

      Now for the bad news, I found out that I should clean the filter fairly frequently as the foam breaks down even when it is new :p

      The funny thing is my wife goes " What is that car a Morgan ? " and I said "No that's a Caterham but there is a Morgan driving it " -delise