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    Gentlemen & Women,

    I'm a Caterham owner in UK. Currently involved in a Duratec V6 project and am trying to find performance parts for it, but its a bit tough.

    Only found two suppliers at the minute, and thats only for cams.

    Could anyone point me towards anywhere I might find performance engine bits? Cams, followers & valve springs, pistons and rods are what I'm most interested in.

    Its actually a Jaguar engine, so has the VVT, but I think cams etc are interchangeable with the non VVT ones.

    Any help appreciated.


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    Are you oppositelock?

    I do not know of any specific component suppliers for the Duratec 30. As you probably know, this engine is used in the Noble/Rossion in twin turbo form and was/is used in the Ford Contour, Fusion, Lincoln LS and Jaguar Type S as you pointed out. The higher output Ford engines are labeled SVT just like your Zetec 170ST. I started to google some keywords and had to stop as I felt myself getting sucked in to a never ending stream of information that I might want to use! This V6 might look nice under the bonnet of my Big Healey! At any rate, there are tons of forums that have little kernels of information. I'll attach some links.

    I'm sure you know that Mountune and Minister are involved with this engine - perhaps others in the UK. Have you discounted the 3.5 litre because of external size (although I read that it was the same size as the 3.0 but then I read that it wasn't). You could start out,stock, with the amount of power that any of the I4's are making when they are being tuned to within a millimeter of their life!

    See if this is any help.

    Welcome to the Contour Enthusiasts Group, social community forums and the best resource to discuss the Ford Contour, Mercury Mystique, Mercury Cougar and Ford Mondeo. on one of the forums this company was reciting specs for Duratec 30 that they build

    Welcome to Race Precision, Inc. Established in 1998, RPI has been dedicated to bringing you the very best performance products. Our "No Bull" attitude towards performance and tuning has bridged a gap that is often found in the auto performance industry. All parts are tested for quality as well as realistic improvements

    Let me know if you need anything else.

    Best regards,



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      Are you a stalker? That's some mighty fine detective work there; I am Opposite Lock. How'd you work that out? :D

      Thanks for the reply and list of sites, I'll have a good hunt through them and see what I can discover. I didn't realise Minister where involved in them, but did have a chat with Mountune (Quite helpful, but they just buy in the bits and bolt them together...and where a bit reluctant to tell me where they get the bits from).

      The 3.5L is hard to find here. I don't know anything its fitted to, and the 3.0 is ample for the application anyway. Plus, with it being so new, the 3.5 would likely have even less hot bits for it.

      I could fit it stock...but I have a paranoia about standard engines. I reckon all engines should have hot cams and throttle bodies to get that real hard note. I can't stand soft sounding engines. I think I'm sorted with the cams, Piper in the UK seem to have a decent selection, so I think we're looking at over 300bhp anyway. Just interested to see what other bits are available.

      I'm interested in the 3.5L's valves. I'm wondering if they're perhaps bigger than the 3.0L's and might fit with modified seats/inserts? Hmmmm.

      Thanks for the reply and all the help/info.

      All the best,



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        Stalker no ..... lurker yes

        Hi Willie,

        I think I bumped into a random piece of a thread about you and RiF cooking up some sort of plan. Don't know really .....

        You don't have many Lincolns or Ford Edges over there so the 35 is scarce. It is a Mazda tho and there is a 37 too. Next year the 35 will be TT w/direct injection and 350 torques at 1500 rpm. "Ecoboost" Ford calls it.

        Here is a link that may be hard to find with specs from AER in Texas. This is for the Noble with 450 HP so you don't need all those components listed for a N/A 30. By the time you build an exhaust, do a proper valve job, clean up the ports, light flywheel (add cams if you must) and 3 Webers, I think you will have a bit of a hard edge.

        If you like I can make some inquiries about the 3.0/3.5. I can send one to you if you like, but you must send me a 1.8 K or VX since we don't have them over here.

        So we don't clog up the bandwidth here, this is my email address:
        [email protected]. May as well talk direct since I can't post on BC.

        Best regards,



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          You have mail. You may have got the wrong idea about me and RiF...the V6 thing is unrelated.

          Thanks for all the help.