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Trailer restoration.

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  • Trailer restoration.

    While waiting for enough money to come in for some Caterham purchases, I worked off some of my upgrade-itis by fixing up my trailer. The powder coating is flaking pretty badly and a few rust spots are starting to show up where the Cateraham wheels are situated and in the cradle holding the rails.

    I started with getting rid of the rust using my angle grinder with sand paper. I then removed as much powder coating as I could and sprayed the naked metal with primer.

    I epoxied strips of aluminum into the cradle where the rails grinds against it when I push them in. This should keep the paint intact in the cradle while the aluminum takes the grinding without rusting.

    I then, in a moment of experiment, applied garage floor epoxy paint to the cradle and the surface where the Caterham stands. I'll see if it sticks. If not I may just strip that part of the trailer and haul it off to a body shop for a quick spray. The only hickup was that the paint I used actually lacked pigment, which I should have had mixed in at Home Depot. I'll fix that and apply a few more layers.

    I finished up by replacing the emergency brake battery and checked that the brakes operated as they should.

    Tomorrow the Saab goes into the shop to have its brake controller installed.

    /Magnus F.
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    I just finished the same thing. But the paint wasn't "flaking", it came off in sheets after I took it (finally) for a pressure wash. So I stripped both horizontal wheel surfaces completely. The bare metal was filthy & there was no primer used obviously. I reckon they didn't bother to clean the shop schmutz off of the metal before painting. So I did, then primered, then did a totally cheesy finish coat. I don't really care how it looks because it's going to get slaughtered anyway. The goal was to reduce the opportunity for rust. Anyway, major low marks in the finish category for Mighty Mover Trailers, that's for sure.

    Otherwise, the best trailer ever - an easy towing SOB. It's so low & w/ the torsion suspension and radials I don't even hardly freel it when pulling. Crusty does though:D
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