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Raceco silencer.

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  • Raceco silencer.

    I put in a RFQ for a raceco silencer today. If anyone else are thinking about buying anything from them, do tell me and we can probably share the shipping cost.

    /Magnus F.

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    It may sound stupid but MEASURE the collector tube diameter. I relied on my feeble memory and ordered the inlet tube of the can 2 1/4" instead of the required 2 1/2".....that cost me some inelegant jumping through fabrication hoops.

    FWIW, the Raceco inlet tube has a bell flare with clamp to slip over a tube of the same size



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      Thanks, I've already measured the tube with a caliper (2.5"). I also sent photos of my current setup to avoid any problems.

      /Magnus F.


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        I need to do something to my exhaust so I can legally run at Laguna Seca. I was black flagged there for sound last year. :(

        Can you post here or send me a PM with the current cost? (the economy sucks, but that has been really good for the exchange rate!).


        Tom "ELV15" Jones


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          Tom, the Raceco web site shows 440 pounds for the 6.25 inch version and 450 pounds for the 7.25 inch. The pound is about 1.5 dollars now? Much better than 2 to 1!



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            450 GBP = USD 685.

            Amedeo recommended that we'd arrange shipping ourselves.
            The dimensions he gave are 120cm x 35cm x25 cm. Weight: 10 kg.

            UPS wants USD220 to ship the system from his shop to my home.

            If I double the weight and the width, UPS wants USD 331. Quite a saver there. When I try to enter the dimensions for three systems, UPS' website protests about a too large package. Feel free to try out Fedex and other services to see if there is a better price out there.

            /Magnus F.


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              I had a silencer shipped by Parcel Force which I believe is part of the Royal Mail system.

              At the time they were much less than UPS, less than 1/2 if I recall. That was 6 years ago.

              Parcel Force may have limited insurance coverage so a bit of a risk. I have had no problems with loss or damage. Shipping time one week.

              I just bought a ring and pinion gear from a private party in the UK, shipped DHL for آ£60 at wt. 6.5Kg. It was suppose to take 4 days, I got it in two.

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