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  • There's something I need to tell you.

    There have been a couple of additions to the motor pool. One may represent a conflict of interest. Loads Of Trouble, Usually Serious Esprit Series 1. At least the GTI 16v runs, and runs quite well.

    Scott E
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    Congrats on the Trouble S1! I had (note the past tense) such a woody for that car years ago. Still do, kind of, flaccidated by the list of Things That Go Wrong on the thing. Still, if the price was right...

    I've still got Doug's engine hoist here if... er... when you need it:D

    Stokes has an Esprit V8 fyi.

    OT: I'm thinking of switching the Hypermotard for the new Monster 1100S. I think we should plan on a ride one of these weekends.
    A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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      I had one of my first fast car experiences in the GTI 16v. My friend had one of those (an -88 I believe), and took me for several exhilarating rides. This was before I had my license, and I got seriously hooked on speed while riding shotgun in that car.

      When I finally received my license, I got a beat up -76 Renault 12TS with a whopping 54 hp. The only chance I had of beating my friend, was on long straights with speed bumps, where the ultra-soft french suspension could swallow the bumps at speeds that would have shaved off undercarriage of the GTI.

      Good times.

      /Magnus F.