Hi kids!
So after 3 years the 7 is running well. I have been enjoying the madness! :D
I am however thinking that the competition exhaust muffler is a bit to lairy. Perhaps the regular road exhaust would be better suited to my needs. I was hoping that there would be lots of track days, but it turns out that I am more of an "around towner" with occaisional fits of speed.

So I was thinking that perhaps maybe someone would be up for a trade? A slightly used 1k miles competition exhaust swap for a road exhaust. It would be great if it bolted to the current collector.

Here's a shot of the current setup. It works really well, it just doesn't suit me as I had hoped. It's an x-flow with big valves and a hot road cam. The rest of the car is brilliant!

Just thinking out loud. :rolleyes: