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Sorry for the absence.

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  • Sorry for the absence.

    We just launched our product after a far too long development cycle.
    Shameless whoring:
    Buy several!

    I'll get back to my Caterham and finish the install of the new seat. I've done another update to the coolant system after good advice on the expansion tank from Doug which I was initially too stupid to comprehend.

    /Magnus F.
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    Magnus, that is AWESOME! I've been ranting about this kind of gauge for a while now. Does it run Linux by any chance? ;)

    PS: your link is wrong in your post. Here is the site:

    PPS: can you read it in direct sunlight? Otherwise, tis not much use in a se7en!
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    Tom "ELV15" Jones


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      If you get a good enough screen, it is direct sunlight readable. We run a Xenarc high end screen in our Mustang, and that works pretty well when the top is down.

      The unit does run Linux with the application written in our own programming language (since we are over-achieving idiots) and graphic formats.

      We also have the drivers to read the Pectel T2 and T6 ECU's (Pi's system 3 data stream). One of these days I will get around to install one in my Caterham.

      /Magnus F.