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    Hello from Sunny Scotland!

    I have an upcoming visit to the San Francisco area scheduled soon (over the June 28th weekend).

    I see that there is some form of event (NASA) at Sears Point (sorry - Infineon Raceway). What kind of event is this, and would it be a worthwhile day trip for spectating etc?

    Before you ask, I used to live in the Bay Area, so have no need to do all the touristy stuff.


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    NASA hosts events that have a variety of classes running, usually in 20 minute sessions. The race groups run a little longer. As track days go, NASA's public classes (called HPDE) are pretty open and well run. Furthermore, the racing is usually pretty entertaining as the classes spec cars that are virtually identical. Thus, driver skill is at a premium. I've watched many close, entertaining races w/ cars - Mazda Miatas & Honda Civics - that wouldn't seem to excite at 1st glance.

    By all means go. There will be a couple of 7 guys there, instructors, who would likely be able to find you a ride. If Pierre (The Quick) is there for sure try to wrangle a ride w/ him. He's the picture of precision and skill. Oh, and the track is a hoot, very 7 friendly.
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