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  • Another Duratec-powered car

    Brad suggested I post here regarding my Duratec installation. Given that I don't own a Cateraham (it's a Westfield), no longer live in California (although I hope to one day relocate back to Santa Barbara), and my car doesn't even run, I hope this was a good suggestion :)

    I own the car featured in Road & Track back in March '96 which came from the factory with a 1700cc crossflow putting out a reported 145hp. Subsequent dyno runs pegged the output at closer to 120hp, but it was still enough to make the car enjoyable -- and besides, no 4-banger sounds better than a tuned crossflow on DCOEs :D At the end of March last year, the car was involved in a very minor parking lot accident that precipitated a total rebuild (including a new body and engine swap) that is still in progress. When I am done, the car will drop well over 100lbs and have about 60% more power.

    The new engine is a 2.0L Duratec with the Raceline baseline package (DTH TB, wet sump, water rail, etc.), larger injectors, Raceco Ti silencer, custom 4-2-1 header (to Raceline's specs), and Emerald ECU. Although I've learned a number of things along the way, the two that are probably most important to those on this forum are that Raceline positions the alternator so that it is in the way of the steering column on LHD cars, and despite comments to the contrary, the stock injectors are not sufficient for TB equipped engines running stock cams. Emerald recently had a Duratec-powered Elise on the rollers with the Raceline TB (45 mm Jenveys) and some serious issues with the header and achieving full throttle, yet they still had to run the stock injectors at 5 bar to maintain an acceptable A/F ratio. They think with proper injectors (on the way), header, and induction setup that this is definitely a 195hp+ engine.

    For those who are interested, I have a handful of rebuild & Duratec photos located here: Please feel free to ping me with questions about the engine.

    Westfield SEiW
    2.0L Duratec
    Throttle Steer