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Dyno session coming up.

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  • Dyno session coming up.

    On Monday I will drive the Caterham up to Bisimoto ( to work out the wrinkles of my map and get some hard numbers on my build.

    I will also do a performance run with and without the Supertrapp so that we can see exactly what kind of performance loss we are talking about.

    /Magnus F.

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    great, I am curious how much your wonder machine will do. What is actually the planned redline?

    Also I would be interested to learn if that dyno shop is any good. At some point I should probably verify my own "road dyno" tuning. Some of the other Seven guys reported that I could out-accelerate them (even with an instructor as ballast) which kind of surprised me, given the moderate state of engine tune. But maybe it is better than I thought.



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      I've already used the shop for magden business and liked it.

      Bisi knows what he is doing, focuses on 4 cylinder (Honda) engines, and runs a very tight business with new equipment. $100/hour.

      Swing by if you have time over on Monday. I will be there at 4PM and probably stay until 6-7.

      /Magnus F.


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        That would be cool. But darn, I will be in Phoenix.


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          Gives me an idea.....we never had that "Dyno-Day" we talked about a long time ago.

          Maybe we can get several cars together sometimes for dyno comparison, tuning, mapping etc? Anybody else interested?


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            Ah yes.

            I'll talk to Bisi about it when I am there Monday. He does weekends as well, which would probably suit us.

            /Magnus F.


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              I'm interested. I still have more cam adjusting to do, or make the VCT work, I've been waiting until I had a way to measure the results.



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                Ok - Here are the suggested dates:

                May 24
                May 25
                May 31
                Jun 01
                Jun 07
                (No Jun 14 - San Diego Blat that day.)
                Jun 15

                The place is in Chino. Anybody interested in having their car (Seven or other) dynoed or mapped, please reply to this post with the following info:

                1) Which of the above dates suits you.
                2) What you want to do (just get a torque curve or remap your engine).

                With this, I'll try to book a time with Bisi. To keep it fair, I suggest we each pay for the time our cars spend on the dyno (at $100/hour).

                A power run to get your curves should take about 20-30 minutes in all. A full on mapping can take 2-3 hours. The power run will give you torque and hp from 1500 RPM and upward. You will also see if you are running rich or lean anywhere.

                The dyno used is a hub mounted unit which is attached to the rear axle of our cars instead of the wheels.

                I will bring everything necessary to map the Pectel T2 and T6 ECUs. If people have other ECUs and a cable/software for them, I'd be happy to use my laptop to map those cars as well. Please note that you do not need any mapping software if you just want do measure the power of your car.

                Since I will map my engine Monday, I will be there purely as support.

                /Magnus F.


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                  While the concept is good I'm not sure it'd be of much value to me. I just dyno'ed the car (under less than optimum conditions) for purposes of getting my TT group assignment. Further, the next dyno session I have on the cards will likely be both more complex and (unfortunately?) more expensive. Likely for what I am sure will be very good reason. So, I'll be happy to hang w/cha'all but that's all.

                  So, I'm in, kind of.
                  A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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                    I definitely want to do this, but I'm limited on days. Here are the ones I can do:

                    May 24 or 25
                    June 15

                    June 1 or 7 maybe, but the risk of divorce proceedings go way up.

                    No way on May 31 or June 14

                    I would be up for a remap if the first run showed problems (Pectel T2).



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                      maybe 5/24or25
                      maybe 6/15
                      would work for me

                      1. I would just like to see how the engine is doing, maybe 2 or 3 runs
                      2. After some off-line twiddling while other folks are on the dyno to have another run

                      Another question....can they only do full-power runs or is there a possibility to explore the partial load range?
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                        I'm kind of surprised so many of you guys don't have other plans during Memorial Day weekend (24th - 26th).

                        edit -- and that the dyno place is planning to be open that weekend
                        | | Sean


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                          I'll be in Willow Springs May 24/25. I can still check if the place is open that weekend, but I will not be there.


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                            This is exactly what I've been looking for. I'm using the MBE software. The shop will be able to tune with my laptop on their dyno? Dates are all open for me but, that could change over night. I'll try to visit on Monday. My intention is to have the cars map adjusted.

                            Scott E
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                              You can use your own laptop.

                              Usually the dyno guy hooks up a lambda probe and can also hook up additional sensors if you suspect you have a problem with fuel/oil pressure etc.

                              /Magnus F.