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Northern Ireland May Run

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  • Northern Ireland May Run

    Well I went for my first run with the new crowd. It was a tonne of fun with over 20 7's; probably 70/30 Caterham Westfield split. I rode in a Westfield Megabusa for over 4 hours. Man those seats are small and I'm not a big guy. The car is insane as far as acceleration and handling goes; could barely keep the camera steady for any photos. I'm working on a video, soon to be posted. Some of you may have met a few of these guys a couple years back on the USA tour thing.

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    Glad to hear you got introduced to these guys. They have one of the most active clubs I've seen. You should subscribe to the NI7's list on if you are not already.

    Nice pics. I see a couple of cars I recognize from the USA2005 tour. Whose busa where you riding in?


    Tom "ELV15" Jones


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      Ya, I already subscribe, I get about 30-40 posts a day. I was riding in Tim Abrahams 'Busa. They are so organized its crazy, they have a two car enclosed truck carrier, club tools etc. They do club builds where anyone can come work on a car; we had 8 guys or so helping on a 7 that was going through for its inspection the following day.