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Good page on Fraudulent out of state registration.

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  • Good page on Fraudulent out of state registration.

    Found this when I was trawling the net. Good info on DMV procedures from a hot rodder's POV and the story behind Titles unlimted.

    /Magnus F.

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    The phrase "Expansion of SB100" certainly piques my curiosity. Especially if it means allowing more cars to be registered.

    From the beginning I have had the opinion that in order to get an SB100 sequence # the guy getting it should be required to have one old gross polluting vehicle removed from the road and CRUSHED. This would be a positive step toward cleaning up the atmosphere. Most SB100 vehicles don't travel many miles per year, I think. Some probably spend more miles per year on a trailer than on the road (mine).


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      In Georgia, kit cars/assembled cars cannot be titled in any form. Legislation to correct this is currently on the Governor's desk awaiting his signature. At the same time, and for many years, Georgia has no vehicular state inspection laws whatsoever for so called "normal vehicles". So while we enthusiasts struggle to title our generally meticulously built and maintained, highly insured, expensive assets, our safety on the roads is threatened daily by uninsured idiots driving unsafe projectile weapons. Gotta love that Public sector bureaucracy!
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