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Prisoner wheels and covers for sale

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  • Prisoner wheels and covers for sale

    I have five prisoner wheels for sale. All are used, and four are in good shape. One has a flat spot. (Good enough for a spare).

    The wheels are $200 each for the good ones and $100 for the one with a flat spot.

    I also have some custom made aluminum covers for these wheels. These covers look like the original plastic prisoner wheel covers, but they are machined from aluminum and they have been anodized to match the wheels. The wheel locks work the same as on the original plastic covers. I can take pictures if anyone is interested. Five covers for $100.00

    Rod Swanson

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    Prisoner Wheels

    Hi Rod,

    I posted a private message to you. Please give it a read!


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      Only three Prisoner rims left.

      These Prisoner wheels are no longer made. So now is the time to buy a spare rim or two. I have only two rims left: two good ones and one with a slight flat spot. (I drove on it and did not notice it). The good rims are $200.00 each, and the one with the flat spot, is $100.00.

      I also have a set of custom made wheel covers for these rims. These were machined out of aluminum and anodized to match the rims. These are shaped to match the plastic cover in every way, except that unlike the plastic they do protect your rims, and they do not say Caterham. A set of five, with the locking nuts for $100.00. I can provide pictures if you are interested in either.

      You can contact me at [email protected]

      Rod Swanson