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Urgent!! Wanted!! Zetec ZX1 water pump with clockwise impeller

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  • Urgent!! Wanted!! Zetec ZX1 water pump with clockwise impeller

    Just found when I was trying to install a new water pump for my Contour based Zetec ZX1 that the Contour pump spins the wrong way (CCW). And the pumps with the proper CW spinning direction apparently came from a European Ford Escort that was never sold in the US.

    Aargh, now I am f%c*#d.....and I need a new pump very soon (PNW2007 tour coming up)

    Does anybody have such a special pump, by chance??? Please????


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    Wouldn't it be easier to install the pump you have and reroute the belt instead?

    /Magnus F.


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      Well, yes, last resort if I can not get one.....But it would be definitely some fabrication job and time is running out....

      If I don't find one here I may just ask my sister to pick one up in Germany and send it UPS red.

      Or I just take the risk and reinstall the leaking pump.



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        I would call each of the Caterham US dealers.


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          Woody has a kit that replaces the large alternator with a small one and routes the belt the correct way.

          I have one of these and may have the bits I used before the kit that used the original alternator and Contour tensioner. This retained the stock rotation.

          I'm looking for the parts today. Call me.

          Worst case I'll take the one off my car for you to use.



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            Thanks Doug, I will call you later.

            Not sure about Woody's kit. He told me a while ago it was made for the Focus ZX3 and might be usable for the Contour ZX2 engine but probably not for the older Contour ZX1 engine.

            Anyway, it looks like Dick Brink might have the proper pump. I surely would prefer a drop in replacement.....



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              Car not running.


              I know how much work you have put into this tour so if you need to you can use my car if yours is not ready.

              I would have to check it over as it's not been used since I broke my ankle so it needs checking over but if it helps you you are more than welcome to use it.

              John Coombs.


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                Hey, thanks all for the very generous offers to rip your cars apart or even let me borrow the whole car. Don't know what to say but this is a great community!

                Fortunately it appears that I have solved to problem:
                thanks to Doug's tip I found a place that could rebuild the pump with new bearings, shaft and seal the same day (only slightly more expensive than a new pump....) but it looks like new now. Gonna install it and try out this week. I also have another spare coming in from Germany just to be safe.

                If I can help anybody please let me know!!