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    I'm considering selling my 1700 HP Crossflow motor approximate HP with premium 92 octane 145 and upgrading to either a Duratec or Zetec motor after driving a local car with a twin cam Zetec.

    The details of the motor are as follows:
    1700cc 711m Block
    The heads intake and exhaust ports were polished professionally, bench flowed for accuracy.
    The block and head have been pressure tested and mag'd and come back tight and clean.
    Compression averages between 145 and 155 for all 4 cylinders
    244 Kent Cam
    2x40 DCOE sidedraught carbs - all jets and chokes match.
    Lotus-Holbay valve cover
    Balanced rods and crank
    Dry Sump Oil system w/ custom 2 gallon tank
    4x1 Headers and High flow exhaust system
    Single wire 100 amp alternator
    Lucas - Pertronix distributor w/ 8mm wires w/ Lucas coil
    Lucas starter, fully rebuilt with a heat shield so it starts even when hot.
    135 tooth lightened flywheel with fresh clutch and pressure plate.

    The motor is fresh, less then 200 miles street driving time no track time.

    If I decide to sell the motor, the asking price with the dry sump system will be $5,500 without dry sump system the asking price is $4,500.
    The transmission is not included.

    The motor is very strong, tight and fast.

    The carbs are balance, the timing is set at 8 degrees advance.