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Grill with "7" featured - WANTED!!!!

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  • Grill with "7" featured - WANTED!!!!

    Hi -

    I'm looking for anyone who might have a radiator grill with the "7" featured, for sale.
    Mine is a generic wire grill and I would like to change it.
    Caterham USA have them on back order and they are $100.

    I just thought I'd ask and see.

    let me know if you have one.


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    7 Grille

    Hello, Chris;
    Go to eBay item #260128877523 or eBay home page and type in "Caterham 7 Grille". There's one listed at "0 Bids" for $49.56 or "Buy It Now" for $59.47. Located in the UK so don't know the shipping charge. Auction expires 6/24 @ 12:39 PM West Coast time. If you "Biy It Now" I'd venture to guess that you'd receive it by the time your track day arrives. Check it out, Chris, and good luck!
    With Best Regards,
    Jim F.


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      Additional 7 grille Info

      Hello again, Chris;
      I took my nose piece in to my local PPG auto paint store and had them scan it for a perfect color match. First, I spray painted the entire grille a flat black, then I then masked off the 3 connecting bars from the 7 to its surrounding triangular framework along with the horizontal grille bars and then sprayed the 7 and its surround with my new paint from PPG. I'm very pleased with the effect. Both the 7 and its surround appear to be suspended, or "float" if you prefer. The point is, the missing top bar may not even matter to you if you're going to do something similar to me. If the missing top bar might be an issue at track speed, I don't see why a replacement bar or support bar couldn't be attached to restore it to its full structural design. The cycle wings, rear "fenders", and nose piece are standard Caterham yellow, while the aluminum skin and "bonnet" are semi-polished. The 7 grille ads a lot to the curb appeal. Hope all works out for you, Chris!
      With Best Regards,
      Jim F.


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        Jim -

        Sounds great -

        I've gone on E-bay and done what I needed to....Thanks!!

        Can you send or post a picture of your grill - so that I can see the "float".

        Thanks again.