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Birkin for Sale in NorCal (CA registered)

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  • Birkin for Sale in NorCal (CA registered)

    Found on the Birkinowners web site:

    From: Michael Yee <[email protected]>
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: [birkinowners] BIRKIN For Sale
    Date: Jun 1, 2007 11:29 AM

    Hi all,

    After much debate, I've decided to put my Birkin up for sale to raise money for a new
    business that I'm trying to start. I bought the Birkin from its original owner in 2002 and
    had Woody Harris of BirkinSport (now MSI Motorsports) sort it out and upgrade some bits.

    Of course, he's done a fabulous job—it's a frighteningly fast car (you can ask him all about
    it)—but I've been away so much I've done less than 1000 miles total on it.

    Some of the meaty details:
    - STREET LEGAL, California registered as 2002 (chassis is 2000)
    - Color is RED and bare aluminum
    - Engine was built by Pete Challinor of Circle C Performance and is a high-output, high-
    compression, 215 hp ZETEC
    - Gearbox is also from Circle C, and is an SPC Semi Helical, Semi Close Ratio box
    - Originally set up with the DUNNELL engine management system (which I still have) I had
    Woody upgrade to the fully-programmable killer EMERALD K3 ECU, with new injectors, etc.
    - ITG Air filter (have OLD K& N filter too)
    - RACELINE Water rail
    - EIBACH shocks and springs
    - New Battery
    - New high-output Starter
    - New BOSCH FI Fuel Pump
    - Oil Cooler
    - 4 point Harness
    - Steel Braided Front Brake Lines

    I have about $38K in the car and will consider all reasonable offers.
    The car is currently garaged in Sonoma Country, near San Francisco.
    One big regret is not having the opportunity to run around with some of you on this great

    I'll be out of the country until next week so please email me directly at michaelyee[at]



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    My Birkin for sale


    Thanks for posting this. Yes, it's a fantastic car with one of the best engine set-ups you can imagine. The sound of the intakes with the pedal down alone is worth the price of admission! (Just ask Woody!)

    I'm moving down to LA so if there's interest, I may be able to bring it down.



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      I wish I have the money to buy this now...:)