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Duratec upgrade time. Supercharged Zetec for sale

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  • Duratec upgrade time. Supercharged Zetec for sale

    Okay then...

    I just got a quote back from Cosworth on what it would cost me to get my Duratec up and running. As a part of quite a complex financing process, I now put up my Zetec for sale.

    This engine has been in my car since I bought it 2002. It is a 2000 Contour engine that I have put approx 16000 miles on, and probably 6-7 track events plus a few autocrosses. In June 2004 I added a supercharger. The engine has been surprisingly stable with no problems whatsoever.

    Please note that I recommend getting a replacement Zetec from the junk yard since the original one has been used for three years now with a Supercharger. Also note that I have an SV, and that I cannot guarantee that this package will fit a normal bodied seven. I need a few specific measurements from one of those cars in order to confirm it. No oil leaks. No smoke (at least no one has complained). I've run it a bit rich and changed oil every 1000-2000 miles.

    The engine outputs approx 220-240 hp at the crank with a massive amount of torque. Swing by my house in Manhattan Beach for a test drive.

    Jackson Racing / Eaton Roots MP40 supercharger pumping about 10psi above atmo.
    Fidanza alu flywheel mated to a race clutch setup. No slippage.
    Bell housing w/ slave cylinder to mate w/ Ford T9 or Caterham gear box.
    Engine mounts for SV.
    Somewhat racier cams. Unknown specs (William never told me).
    65mm throttle body that has been matched with the intake manifold.
    Raceline wetsump.
    Stock bottom end.
    K&R filter protuding through the top of the bonnet.
    Adjustable cam pulleys.
    Upgraded injectors on stock fuel rail. They flow enough at 47 psi pressure.

    The Jackson Racing kit alone retailed at above $2000. The Raceline wetsump goes for $700, while the Fidanza flywheel goes for $400.

    What you need to get this running is a few sensors (manifold air pressure and air temp comes to mind), an engine management system and a wiring harness. I can help you get those sorted through Pectel Technologies (who is now called zentec).

    Asking price $2500 OBO. Delivery in June when my new engine is completed.

    You want it! You know it!

    /Magnus F.

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    Sold to Rod Lindgren.

    /Magnus F.