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Selling Caterham Superlight Seven

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  • Selling Caterham Superlight Seven

    car is now sold
    Last edited by Capt. Molecule; June 2, 2007, 02:14 PM.
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    That's a rather good price for the spec.

    If I had USD25K, I might actually give it a shot.

    /Magnus F.


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      As I am told there are only two reasons

      something doesn't sell. Price and marketing. I've set the price right and now it is marketing.

      The last time I had it for sale, a guy here told me it couldn't be licensed b/c it was built in a different state. So much for that guy cause he missed a great deal.

      I have too many cars and some needs in the way of a RV and a Ural MC. With property in Baja now, we are trying to make some transitions. I'll be selling a Z3 and a Rav4 sometime.
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        If you want to sell your Ural (with a sidecar), I have a potential buyer....
        A few of my friends are truly perverted when it comes to their vehicle-fetiches.

        Edit: Ah you *want* an Ural. Well then it seems like the seller's market just went up 100% in America... I smell a bubble.

        /Magnus F.


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          2007 Urals have many changes

          for the good. New alt and spark, better trunk hardware, etc.

          For a toy hauler RV, I can't think of better all round transportation in Baja and anyplace else I might end up as long as it is warm that is.

          My other option is to just get a small warehouse to store cars in, but for CA that is way too expensive.
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