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Bargain -- Tighten your Nuts (Axle) Cheap

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  • Bargain -- Tighten your Nuts (Axle) Cheap

    I found this 3/4 inch drive wrench set at Harbor Freight:

    For $36 you get a set of 3/4 drive metric sockets including a 41 mm socket which is the size required for the rear axle nut. You also get a ratchet drive, breaker bar, and two extensions (4 inch and 8 inch). I already have the 41 mm socket ($20 plus shipping from McMaster Carr), breaker (big bucks from Sears) and I was about to pay $30 for a six inch extension when I found this set at harbor freight.

    Bearing in mind that this is harbor freight stuff (buyer beware), this still seems like a hell of a deal to me. If you need to tighten your nuts you won't do it for cheaper unless you have an obliging friend.

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    Correction -- link does not work

    The link above won't take you to the item. Once you are in the harbor freight web site enter product code 05494-6bca and that will do the trick.