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  • Looking for a Seven.....

    Hello - I'm new to this site - as I am new to the US.

    I used to own a supersort in the UK and now that I've discovered Californias's twisty and DRY (!!) back roads I need to get my hands on another one.

    So...any one out there know of anything for sale.

    Here's the kicker question.

    I can pick up a really nice 15K mile Supersport in the UK for about $18,000 and import it here for around $4,000 (including engine and chassis seperated and put back together). HAs anyone experience of this?? it would save $$$ on a $35,000 car out here...

    Also - i need some guidence on "out of State", say, a Texa plated car not allowed to be in California?? I don't understand the rules out here...
    please somebody help me!


    Please let me know if you know of something out here for sale.

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    Call me @ 858-459-8048H or 858-456-4909B. I know of a few situations and have some possibly useful thoughts.


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      Welcome! I have seen a few folks talk about importing a car from the UK, but I suspect that here in california it will be pretty tough to do legally. The emissions regulations are pretty strict. Same goes for importing cars from out of the state.

      However, all is not lost. There is a nifty law: SB100 that allows up to 500 owner assembled cars per year and emissions are not really a concern. You might be able to bend the rules by importing a car from the UK sans engine and transmission, and then "build" it by installing an engine and transmission, but that might not fool the DMV (department of motor vehicles)...and then what do you do?

      The easiset solution would be to purchase a car that already has a SB100 registration. There are other folks who just run their cars on the track, but then you don't get to drive on those nice twisty roads you mentioned!
      Tom "ELV15" Jones


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        You might be able to bend the rules by importing a car from the UK sans engine and transmission, and then "build" it by installing an engine and transmission
        You need to provide DMV w/ a certificate of origin from CC in order to initiate the SB100 process, as well as reciepts for car, engine and transmission. If you have such documentation (or can get same) you can proceed w/ SB100 registration of a kit, or owner built, car. DMV conducts no visual verification process of the car's (chassis & body) construction - they only want to see the C of O. Or at least that was the case when I went through the process (2004).

        If you want to do this you'd better arrive really early at a DMV office on the 1st business day of 2007 so as to get a number. I don't think they'll last the day this year.
        A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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          Where are you located in California? I have just moved here from Buckingham and currently setting up home in Temecula, will no doubt join up at one of the meets.

          We will both be missing the Sossiges Rally on Sunday, looks as though it might be a dry one for a change, last year was dreadful as you will know if you were there.
          Note: For the CA members, the L7GB takes over a portion of the route covered by the annual London to Brighton Vintage Car Rally, there is a BBQ & so on and the plan is to wave on the 'old cars' & to raise funds for the Club NTL Charity. It is usually wet & cold, but that is often the way UK 7'ing.

          Just about to pass on our 1700 SuperSprint to a new owner in the UK and planning a CSR200 for here. Given that there is a Cosworth operation in California, then I am thinking that purchasing the CSR body from Caterham US and having the Cosworth CA guys marry it to the 200hp 2.3 Duratec + a 5speed drive train will be the best way to go.

          Good luck with your aspirations.



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            Yesterday I learned of a '97 Westfield for sale in the LA area. It is a 1700 xflow, with cycle wings, and supposedly has only covered 3500 miles. I don't know the owner, nor do I know his asking price, but I do have his contact info and could put you in touch if you are interested.

            Westfield SEiW
            2.0L Duratec
            Throttle Steer


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              Nice one here . Very nicely equipped if you don't mind the transport from Midwest. Don't know what it would mean for SB100 registration.

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                JohnC: Would you please PM/Email the info on the Westy in LA to me. I'm curious as to whether I know the car/owner.


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                  Brad, you have PM.

                  Westfield SEiW
                  2.0L Duratec
                  Throttle Steer


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                    se7en for sale

                    Just saw this on the USA7's list. Seems like a really good deal. PM me if you want his contact info.

                    Hello all,

                    I wanted to give you all first dibs since this group has abeen a wealth of
                    info for me during my ownership.

                    I've decided to sell my 1989 Caterham 7, DeDion with just over 10k miles. It
                    has a red nose and fenders and just polished alloy body . Here are the

                    Car was built by Chris at Sevens and Elans and I'm the second owner. This
                    car is registered in Ma.

                    1700 Cross flow 135hp. 40 DCOE Webbers.

                    Full weather equipment.

                    3 sets of straight rims - 1 set of 13's with old junk tires. 1 set of
                    Prisoner 15" wheels and one set of 15" Superlight R wheels. The prisoner
                    wheels have brand new Avon CR500 tires and the super lights have a set of
                    the same with about 900 miles, but they look practically new.

                    2 sets of fenders. Car was converted to cycle fenders last year but have
                    clamshells and parts to convert back

                    New Luke 5 point belts.

                    Brand New front spax adjustable shocks

                    Car has full tan leather interior with Wilton carpets and it is in great

                    This car has no issues and frankly has been super reliable.

                    Asking $23,900 obo.

                    If you or someone you now is interested in join the brotherhood please pass
                    this along in hopes of finding a good home for it. I also can forward
                    plenty of pictures.


                    Steve Centorino
                    Tom "ELV15" Jones