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Flexible Zetec Dipstick

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  • Flexible Zetec Dipstick

    As my stock dipstick doesn't fit around the headers properly and is a real pain to line up and insert I've contacted Lokar about a flexible one.

    Lokar is committed to providing quality custom automotive products. Quality... Plain and Simple!

    They don't have an off the shelf model but will make a custom.

    If several people are interested it will be cheaper than a one off. (my motive for offering the group buy)

    Rought price estimate is in the $60-$75 dollar range.
    Maybe a bit steep but they are also very nice.

    Please advise if interested and I'll get a firm batch price. No commitment required to say you have an interest, this is just to see how many might want one and what the price will be.

    These will be for Zetecs only, not Duratechs.

    I'm in and M. Murphy too. At least until we see the price.


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    Doug, that would be the gold plated version, right? How much for the cro-mo version?


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      Those dipsticks look nice, but don't look all that hard to make. Depending on the price you might just want to get some AN fittings and make one yourself!
      Tom "ELV15" Jones


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        Hmm, I think nobody can say that I am not a gadget junkie....but I guess this one is lost on me.

        Or maybe I am not getting the point. What is this good for? I suspect if the dipstick on my engine is doing what I expect it to do I don't need a new one? :)



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          You are correct that if you don't have a problem you don't need a fix.

          I don't really know the price as yet, I sent mine if for them to measure and they will quote it in couple of weeks. The guy that needs to work up the price is off to the SEMA show.

          Gold plated may be all they have.

          We haven't commited to anything but getting a quote.



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            These will be for Zetecs only, not Duratechs.
            I popped over to this thread because the title lead me to believe that this was gossip about someone rather than a reference to actual car parts. Then I realized that while there are lots of Zetec dipsticks around, they are by and large all pretty flexible.:D
            A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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              but i bet we still all curse when getting in and out of the 7s, flexible or not :)
              2002 SV zetec/sierra; yellow over green