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Is Is this a good price for a used caterham? thanks

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  • Is Is this a good price for a used caterham? thanks

    Hey guys I am looking at buying a 2002 caterham E- class racer converted into a road car. The car has a new 2.0 zetech engine with upgraded kent cams (5 speed trans). Also the car has stack gauges, composite race seats, and comes with 4 extra tires and full roll cage. The gentleman is asking 35 grand and is firm on the price. Is this a good deal or is it a little high?
    Thanks a lot guys for the help.

    Ps. Awesome site!

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    have any other details on the car?
    ECU type
    other options(check the caterham site for those available)

    those are important.
    is engine broken in yet? or just recently installed?
    how many miles on the frame?
    2002 SV zetec/sierra; yellow over green


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      How long was it raced and how many races? Ever crashed? How bad? Any motor mods? What are you planning to do with the car? If you are looking for a "street car" what street equip does it have? Is it titled for the street? Can it even be registered for the street (some cars are imported as race only and the vin# is recorded by the gov) ? Where is the car? Can you inspect it?

      I have seen a number of street registered 7s with excellent specs and more HP go for considerably less $$$. Even as a race car in good condition, if that is possible, the price is higher than I would pay. On the other hand there aren't many true SCCA E cars around, I think.

      It comes down to what you want to do with the car. In what state do you reside?