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    Well I’m selling my baby. I just don’t drive it enough and hate to see such a beautiful, quick car going unused.

    It has been well maintained and I just did a $1300 tune up (just regular stuff). I have the programmable DTA ignition, QED medium cam, solid lifters, 4 into one competion exhaust, FIA roll bar and stock one, 5x13" tires & rims, 5x16" tires and rims, luggage rack, SPD dry sump system (not installed) etc. It has not been dyno'ed but estimates put it at 230-235hp. This is a HPC model and has DeDion rear end, wet weather equipment, 5speed T9, last of the Cosworth heads and heater.

    To purchase an equivalent Seven you would spend over $50000 easy. The engine was built by Glynn Wilson and the car is currently serviced by the exceptional Winning Makes in Santa Barbara.

    My neighbour backed over it with his Suburban in March so I had all the fenders and nose replaced with new ones.

    This has been an amazing car and will be sad to see it go. Awesome acceleration, outstanding roadholding and unique looks set this car apart from everything out there. It also has 4 point harnesses, right hand drive and is British Racing Green for that genuine British feeling. I drove it from Toronto to Los Angeles without a hiccup. Amazing trip.

    It has been on the track a handful of times for driving schools and has humbled everything that it has come across.

    Email me for photos
    [email protected]

    It is located in Santa Barbara.

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    not for sale anymore

    Well I've decided to keep her. Now I have all sorts of plans again for upgrades. I just need to find a more reasonable shop than my regular place.


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      We are thinking about setting up a list over shops who know their way around a Caterham.

      This links in with the so far untapped potential of advertising on this site.

      Anyone have any thoughts on this?

      /Magnus F.


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        Originally posted by magnusfeuer
        Anyone have any thoughts on this?

        /Magnus F.
        I, for one, think this is a great idea.


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          I think that is a great idea, with maybe their specialties if they have one. I'm looking right now for someone to install my SPD dry sump that I've had for 4 years but never put on. Shops are quoting me $1500 to $2500 just for installation.


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            I am tempted to offer you to do it for $1000, but I only consider myself a hobby mechanic. (Although I did build my own Seven and I've done a quite bit of engine work...)

            Any serious offers on the dry sump installation?

            /Magnus F.


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              My friend Dave would be happy to do this for about $750, assuming all the parts are there. Additional fabrication/parts/fittings would be additional. He has raced 7s for more than 20 years and is continuously working on his 7s. Has plenty of experience with Cortina motors and has a dry sump with oil cooler on one of his 7s. He is in San Diego and would like to know more about just what you have. Call him @ 619-276-0608.


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                Well. . . . . if you are into it? It needs the gaskets and Aeroquip hoses since they are not supplied by SPD. I just don't have the time to source everything then assemble it all(tools are still in Canada).


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                  Start off with giving Dave a call. He is probably a better mechanic than I am. And cheaper.

                  /Magnus F.