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  • WTB 0.25 ears

    I am interested in a set of the "0.25" de dion ears. Anyone got a set they can part with?

    best regards,

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    I presume that you're looking to change the ears for the purpose of running ACB10s. I did so and it "works the treat" as our friends in Merry Old say. Further, when I switch back to CR500s for the road it doesn't change things too much. The rear end is kind of loose but I put that down to the harder tires.

    If there's none to be had order them from CC. They're only showing the 1.5s (for "street" tires) on their web site so contact CC parts via email and tell them what you need. They will likely arrive w/in a week thru Royal / US mail. I fax them the credit card information when I can't order direct online.
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      Thanks Chris,
      I am currently on ACB10s, but the excess negative camber leaves the outside of the contact patch underutilised. The inside of the tire shows distinct signs of overutilisation. I can switch the tires around on the wheels, but this would only be a band-aid solution.

      I have read your account of changing ears in "The better to hear you with" and I will certainly be referencing it during my switch to better 'earing.

      best regards,