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  • Engine Leak-Down Tester

    Picked one up today at Harborfreight Tools for $34 (right now on sale). Looks pretty solid.
    Harbor Freight buys their top quality tools from the same factories that supply our competitors. We cut out the middleman and pass the savings to you!

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    that kit says it only goes to 100psi, is that adequate? is another option?
    2002 SV zetec/sierra; yellow over green


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      The point is it is NOT a compression tester. You would typically use it when your compression tester indicates something ain't right.

      For a leak-down test you hook up an air compressor and move the cylinder under test to TDC with closed valves. Then it will show you a relative measure of leakage rate through rings, valves and any other gaps (gasket, cracks). You can also listen to the exhaust, intake, dip stick tube or other cylinders where the air may be whistling out.

      This set is basically a pressure regulator, 2 gages with a small orifice in between and an adapter hose. I had thought of rigging one myself but for 34 bucks that does not make sense.



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        2002 SV zetec/sierra; yellow over green


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          $34 is a good deal.

          Leak down testers are worth their weight in gold if something is looking suspect. I ended up making my own from some plans I found on the internet, but would gladly shell out $34 for something less time consuming to construct.
          Tom "ELV15" Jones