We are selling the last Superlight kit. This car has been professionally assembled, dyno'ed, and California
registered. There are minor items left to be completed such as polishing, boot covers, and other small
miscellaneous items. The car is being sold as is with no warranty (same as from the factory). The price on this car is
below the cost of the kit and it's upgrades. A detailed list follows. All weather equipment will be included except for
side curtains. Std roll bar included. This car is the fastest Zetec we have driven. Assembly and drive train is
essentially free.

MSRP $26,065.00 (Price for complete kit - less engine & transmission.)

- Double Wishbone Front Suspension with Anti-Roll Bar,
- De Dion Rear Axle Located by Lower A-Frame and Upper Radius Arms,
- Seven Grille
- Aluminum Radiator
- Boot Cover
- Brushed Aluminum Body
- Superlight Pack: Superlight Suspension (Includes Wide-Track Front Suspension with Stiffer Front Anti-Roll Bar
Watts Link Rear Suspension with Rear Anti-Roll Bar), 4-Pot Front Brakes with 10" Ventilated Discs, 4-Point Seat
Belts, Carbon-Fiber Front Cycle Wings, Rear Wings, Nose cone and Dash, 13" Alloy Wheels with Avon ACB10 Tires,
Race Tech Steering Wheel w/Quick Release ($7435.00)

- Adjustable Leather Bucket Seats ($166.00)

- Limited Slip Differential ($1250.00)

Wheels and Tires
- Spare Tire w/Holder and Jack Kit ($583.00)
- Two Extra Spare Wheels ($900) Total Seven Wheels

Dealer-Supplied Options
- Crutch Straps ($100.80)
- Tonneau Cover (from $277.43) Not installed
- Fresh-Air Heater w/Cable ($539.00)
- Honeycomb Fuel Tank Protection ($315.96)
- Windscreen and Wipers ($1289.25)
- HOOD - original spec increased visibility, with snaps ($557.20)
- Fuel Safe Race Tank ($1200)

200+ HP Ford 2.0l Zetec with Ford Sierra 5-speed transmission: $11,950.00:
Custom aluminum bellhousing, engine mounts, cast aluminum sump with baffle and windage tray, kit-ready engine
wiring harness, Jenvey throttle body fuel injection manifold, fully PC programmable MBE /F.I. Control unit with
mounting hardware (same as used on the R500), high performance street cams with fully adjustable vernier pulley
set, spun aluminum air trumpets, ITG half-round high-performance air filter, annular clutch slave cylinder & release
bearing with hardware, 9" clutch, 9.5 LB aluminum flywheel, alternator, starter, water pump, coolant tubes & hoses,
all necessary sensors, and mounting hardware.

Drive line added options:
Cylinder head porting by Esslinger $800
ARP Head & Rod bolts upgrade $200
Reduction Pulley Upgrade $120
Dyno time and tuning $2400 178 HP and 156 Ft. Lbs. Torque @ Rear Wheels (May vary)
Quaife Semi Helical 5 speed close ratio upgrade $1,200


Retail Kit with options $41,318

Retail Zetec Motor PKG. with upgrades $14,270

Assembly $4,000

Dyno time and tuning $2400

Total Invested $61,988

Clearance priced $39,900 Firm as is with 300 miles driven.
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