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Removeable SPA Mirror mounts

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  • Removeable SPA Mirror mounts

    Don't know if any of you have found or followed the thread regarding these on Blatchat, so thought I would post the info here. I'm planning on getting a pair.

    I've also offered to be a collection point in the US, the idea being there would be one shipment to the US, and then I would send them on to the purchaser.

    St. Louis, MO
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    I'm interested. What is the approximate cost? TYIA!!


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      The cost of the mounts by themselves is 38 pounds, which using this currency converter ( come to about $70. I'm trying to get a clarification on the price list in the document that lists the different SPA mirrors. If that price is for both the mirrors and mounts, it's a good deal. If it's the cost of just the mirrors, they're cheaper here in the US.

      Obviously, shipping has to go on top of all this, and I have no idea how expensive it is to ship from the UK.

      By the way, the latest post on blatchat regarding this is:



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        Do the mirrors, as sold in the USA, fit the bracket these gents are selling? Or, is some modification reuired to the mirrors?


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          I believe that the mirrors are the same, regardless of whether you buy them here or in the UK.

          I've been able to confirm that the prices are for both the mounts and the mirrors. So, the GT/Lemans combo is 97 pounds, which is $177. The mirrors only are $120.00 at Pegasus Racing. The wild card in the pricing is the shipping, which I may have an estimate for shortly.


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            I am interested.

            Brad if you order a set, can you get me a set as well. That is if you are comfotable with not getting paid until I get back from Moscow.
            We'll split the shipping cost, of course.

            /Magnus F.


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              Hi Steve,

              I'm interested, too.



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                Magnus: Will do!


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                  Me too

                  Put me down for a set as well. I have a set from seven accessories but the wind blows them around and they they are of no use.

                  Rod Swanson


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                    Dear All,

                    I have just recieved an E-mail from Steve to say he'd posted on here so I decided to have a look and ended up registering ;)

                    Just to give you a potted history of the project:

                    I bought a pair of mirror bases from Seven Accessories back in 2002 that were not his standard pair (with ghastly cheap mirrors) but were designed to accept SPA mirrors, which I purchased and fitted. I rarely drive my car with the sidescreens on but want the ease of doing so when wet and don't want a fixed mirror on the stanchion that impedes the sidescreen opening. I probably drive 90+% of the time using these removable mirrors and they have served me well on track too, standing up to the vibration of running the kerbs etc.

                    At the time I bought my SPA mirror bases the chap who ran Seven Accessories told me they were the last pair in stock and he wasn't sure whether he would make anymore because he was retiring through ill health. I offered to purchase his manufacturing tools if he did retire but heard no more.
                    Last summer someone posted on Blatchat asking if he was still producing and if not did anyone have a pair they would like to sell. The upshot of this was that we discovered he had indeed retired and had made no more since my pair. Several people expressed an interest in someone reproducing some and someone came forward and said they'd do it. Unfortunately they then disappeared off into the ether so another couple of chaps took the project on only to find that they could not get the job done at a reasonable cost. At this point I stepped in and offered to consult a friend who is also a fellow 7 owner and works in engineering.

                    The upshot of all this is that we took the basic Seven Accessories concept and produced our own prototype version that is machined from aluminium billet as seen in my document Steve attached. Having done this we have made a couple of changes for the production version, the first batch of which are being machined later this week. We have increased the billet depth by 0.5mm just to give a little more material around the pin fixing and a little more thread depth for the mirror fixing, also the cutout between the pin holes is now curved rather than square cut because it reduces machining costs. The finished article can be had either polished ali or black anodised (for black pack cars).. other anodised colours may be possible on request.

                    These mirrors can also be used along with Caterham wind deflectors by using a simple adapter kit for the wind deflectors. We have yet to produce our own version of these but it will not be very much different from the old Seven Accessories version that is shown with our mirrors in the pictures of my car.

                    I note that Rod says his old Seven Accessories mirrors get blown about by the wind. Are these the original/standard large (ugly) black plastic mirrors or SPA mirrors Rod? I drive 90% of the time without my doors with these mirrors on around our bumpy, pot holed country lanes, as well as riding kerbs on track and my SPA mirrors on Seven Accessories bases have never been a problem ?? The grub screw holding the stem ball socket tight does need periodic tightening but otherwise these are as solid as being bolted directly to the stanchion.

                    For pictures of the mirror mounts fitted with SPA Le Mans mirrors to my car please have a look

                    Thanks for your interest.
                    For any further information or an order form feel free to E-mail me on niftys(at)


                    Nifty Styles
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                      original/standard large (ugly) black plastic mirrors


                      Mine are the original/standard large (ugly) plastic mirrors. They blow around and vibrate and require constant tightening and readjustment. I use them with the Caterham wind deflectors.

                      Rod Swanson


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                        Question: Does the version which accommodates the wind deflectors require that the wind delectors be used with the mirrors? Or can this version be used with or without the deflectors? Also, what is the price differential, if any?


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                          Thanks for your E-mail earlier.
                          I'll send you the necessary info/order form shortly.

                          If you have the Seven Accessories adapter to use the Caterham wind deflectors with his original mirrors then these will fit our mirrors too.

                          We have not actually produced a wind deflector kit yet but it will be all but a direct copy of the Seven Accessories version (the photos of my car use my Seven Accessories adapters)

                          The mirrors can be used with or without the wind deflectors.
                          If using the mirrors alone you use the securing pin that comes with the mirrors, if you use them with the wind deflectors you use the longer pin that comes with the wind deflector kit.

                          Personally, I don't use the wind deflectors much at all.




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                            My apologies for the lack of updates on all this. There was a possibility that someone else was going to be able to handle the bulk shipping, but that seems to have become a dead end.

                            So, I contacted Nifty to find out what was going on, and he has decided that it would be easier if everyone that is interested in a mirror/mount simply complete the order form and send it back to him directly via email. He will then arrange direct shipping.

                            I will have to attach the order form tomorrow, as it's in Excel and I need to be at work to convert it to a PDF (.xls is not a supported file type for attachments). You can also send me a private message with your email address, and I can email it to you.



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                              Here is the order form. Values in what were dropdown lists in Excel are:

                              Mirror Series: Formula, GP2, Touring, Saloon/Lemans

                              Body Type: Black plastic, Carbon Fibre

                              Glass Type: Flat, Convex

                              Also attached a mirror size chart.
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