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WTB: Looking for a rear exhaust, CSR/SV??

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  • WTB: Looking for a rear exhaust, CSR/SV??

    i've had a long conversation in Sydney this week with Geoff on the subject of getting our SV into Oz. long and short is there is a believe in some of the testers' minds that a rear exhaust is a safety issue in NSW, and having one on a clubman makes the approvals fly through quite quickly. there are rumours of folks doing just this, then putting back the original, but i'd not know about that ;-))))

    so i am looking for an SV rear exit exhaust. probably will be someone who's car came that way, saw the sense / daylight and converted. appearance isn't as important as that it is in good shape. i promise i'll bring it back in 4 years :):)))

    so, drop me a note if you have one. i'll be able to drive our SV here for no more than 3 months after it arrives to Oz, so i've got about 4 weeks before our belongings are crated up into containers in UK, then shipped off for 6-8 weeks at sea on the way to Sydney.

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