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  • Caterham SV for sale

    The car was built by Autocourse (William). Since a lower powered, higher milage went SV recently went for $32K, I'll be asking for $37K or best offer. Currently the fuel pump is being upgraded. This may mean another ECU tune cycle, but after this, the car should be ready to go.

    It has a Ford Duratech 2.3 liter engine, going through a final tune right now and should end up around 210rwhp (equivalent of about 245hp at the crank) based on previous dyno runs (196rwhp at 7200rpm, and new redline is 7800rpm). It has the 5 speed tranny. As you can see from the pics linked to below, the spare tire bars are just nubs now (in case you want to put them back, you could weld them back).

    I've put about $55K into this car, but some of this was due to multiple stages of upgrades to the engine. It now has stronger rods, higher compression pistons, a new cam, and honda valve guides. It has velocity stacks, and a large exhaust. Less than 2000 miles on the car.

    It's California registered, and SB100 smog exempt. I live in south Orange County, in Laguna Hills.

    You can email me at [email protected], or just post here.

    Here is a link to a web page of photos of the car.

    Caterham pics web page