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Caterham 7 Parts wanted

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  • Caterham 7 Parts wanted

    Hi I have a 2002 Caterham de Dion frame with the interior panels and
    ext skins. I need everything else. If you have it or know of it
    Please email me through the forum or call
    619 787 2412
    Rod Lingren
    El Cajon CA

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    I may buy a Duratec engine within the next couple of months.

    If you want to take over my supercharged Zetec, you can have it fairly cheap.

    You will get everything you need to install it, less the ECU. You may want to get a new crate engine and move over all the parts to get a fresh setup. I have about 15000 miles on it right now, including some track time. It runs flawlessly, though.

    Clark bought my old T9 gearbox while his was being restored. He may be willing to part with it once the restoration is complete.

    Doug, do you still have an extra diff?

    /Magnus F.


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      I do still have an extra diff.

      Not a LSD and it turns out that it was set up incorretly from the factory. Not the correct amount of backlash.

      I can set it up correctly and it should work for some time.

      About 14K miles.

      The price will be right.

      Doug 805-498-7771.


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        What is the asking price on the motor?
        Does it include the bellhousing and clutch assembly?

        New2 7's


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          The engine would include:
          Wet sump oil pan. (Raceline I believe).
          Remote mounted oil pressure sensor.
          Jackson Racing supercharger kit w/ approx 3-5000 miles on it.
          Smaller supercharger pulley that increases boost to 10psi.
          Bell housing.
          Engine mounts for an S.V.
          Clutch assembly. (This is a spare I have with about 10000 miles on it. Absolutely no play in the bearing and ready to go.)
          Upgraded injectors. I forget the size, but they are more than sufficient.
          Fuel pressure regulator that adapts to varying manifold air pressure.
          Exhaust headers.
          Engine map for the Pectel T2/T6. Can be manually transferred to another ECU as a baseline map.

          Not included:
          Wiring harness. (If I cannot use my existing harness in the Duratec setup, you can have it.)

          My guesstimate on power output is in the 240HP range. I haven't dynoed it, though.

          Please note that I will sell this engine first when I have all the needed parts for a Duratec installation, which is a few months down the road.

          I have no clue on the price. Let me check around a bit on what the parts are going for new to give me a ballpark figure. The price, however, will be low in comparison with getting a new Caterham adapted Zetec.


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            I have a Caterham Club Sport, will the motor you've described fit my car?

            I'm interested in the motor, when you come up with a price please let me know because I maybe interested in purchasing it from you.